Delivery details

Updated 6th November 2023.

Delivery for Garden Fireplaces and stoves will be as follows, depending on model type and quantity. Please note that good road access is needed to deliver on our standard trucks. However, if you are aware of issues in accessing (i.e. by previous large deliveries), then please contact us prior to ordering, or add a note to the ordering section.

  • 1 pallet – £70
  • 2 pallets – £140

Lead time for the Hale Outdoor Kitchen is 1 week.

For SAP customers, delivery for components and orders will be calculated by customer services based on your trading agreement. Current lead times are shown below, and these will be updated accordingly. Please note that the lead time only applies to out-of-stock items.

  • Tecnoflex 125 & 155 packs 3 days
  • Tecnoflex other dias, XD, disp boxes, boats, non-stock lengths 7 days
  • Gasflex 10 days
  • Screw-type components 10 days
  • ICS residential (upto and inc 250 dia in 25 cav only) 20 days
  • ICS Non-res/Export – value >20k quote required from Teplice 20 days
  • Single Wall 10 days
  • Single Wall painted(offsite) 15 days
  • OEM 30 days
  • ICID 15 days
  • ME 20 days
  • MF 20 days