150mm i/d 8m Back Offset External

150mm i/d 8m Back Offset External

Typical Installation Quote

The following is an estimated schedule of ISOKERN products required based on the approximate overall height of 7m from ground floor level to top of stack. Please check stove pipe diameter before ordering. The correct amount of combustion air must be provided in accordance with chart in document J of the Building Regulations.

See drawing std1e-spl for general reference.

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The Leca insulation quantity is based on a brick/block chimney internal void of 350x350mm. Please advise if the void size is different to this.

£15.55 ex. VAT
£20.20 ex. VAT
£64.57 ex. VAT
£47.19 ex. VAT
150mm I/d 310mm square
£51.11 ex. VAT
£54.38 ex. VAT
£6.15 ex. VAT
£40.22 ex. VAT
£7.13 ex. VAT
£90.04 ex. VAT
£78.76 ex. VAT
Chimney accessories and stove connection flue pipe kit
150mm i/d 6m Back Offset External
This item: 150mm i/d 8m Back Offset External
Typical Installation Quote
Typical Installation Quote
£136.26 ex. VAT


In accordance with the current Building Regulations a chimney data plate is required for each chimney.

Delivery is normally 3-5 working days but please check at time of placing order.

Please note that responsibility for off-loading arrangements lies with the customer. If a tail-lift vehicle is required, this should be notified at time of order. Pallet deliveries are made between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm – if there are any restrictions on these times, e.g. work on a building site finishes at 4.00 pm, this should also be notified at time of order.

Some advantages of using ISOKERN Flue linings:

• Better fuel economy
• Better operation of the appliance = improved life expectancy
• Minimises risk of condensation, soot and tar build up
• Helps eliminate acid and sulphur attack
• Minimises risk of chimney fires
• Will withstand chimney fire should it be allowed to occur
• Longest life = best value for money!

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A useful app with guides on installation as well as step-by-step video guides.

This app was designed for installers to have all the information they require in a few quick clicks. This makes it easier for installers rather than having to carry paperwork during the installation process with video breakdowns of each stage of the installation process.

Download the iPhone and iPad version in the App Store and Android version in the Google Play Store.

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