Volcanic Garden Fireplace barbecue – small model

Volcanic Garden Fireplace barbecue – small model

£679.17 ex. VAT

Price including delivery and VAT: £899.00

  • Please note that we do not offer an installation service, but any competent DIY person can easily put our fireplaces together. Full instructions are available in the Downloads section below. UK and Ireland delivery only.

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The Schiedel Isokern Garden Fireplace is the ideal solution for outdoor living. The natural pumice gives this outdoor fireplace all the insulation needed to have a safe and spectacular focal point of any garden. The relatively small footprint also means that this can be placed against any wall in even the tiniest of gardens or yards.

The medium sized Garden Fireplace was featured in an episode of “Love Your Garden” with Alan Titchmarsh on ITV. Click here to see the episode.


  • Depth 440mm
  • Width 685mm
  • Height 2155mm
Optional accessories for the Garden Fireplace. Note that you can add log stores to go on either side or both sides as you wish. Please ensure you add sufficient render and lip glue to go with these.
Volcanic Garden Fireplace barbecue - small model
This item: Volcanic Garden Fireplace barbecue - small model
£679.17 ex. VAT
£679.17 ex. VAT
£115.00 ex. VAT
£15.55 ex. VAT
£2.67 ex. VAT
£38.92 ex. VAT
£59.10 ex. VAT
£99.57 ex. VAT
Please note that calculations for the render plaster are based on 1kg, so 20 will be added to the basket, but you will receive a single bag with 20kg.


The kit includes the chimney blocks, the lip glue for assembly, firebrick and also firebrick mortar and a render to either seal the joints or give an entire rendered finish.

  • Garden 500 model comes with a log retainer and barbecue grill (additional Log Store available as extra) which allows the Garden Fireplace to double up as a stunning barbecue.
  • There is also an additional log store available for the 500 model which can be placed either side of the fireplace.

The key advantages of choosing a Schiedel Isokern Garden Fireplace include:

  • Natural volcanic pumice blocks for insulation and safety.
  • Easy to build and all materials are included.
  • Fully load bearing, but requires a sturdy base.
  • Can be built freestanding, raised or built against a wall.
  • Chimney height can be increased by purchasing extra blocks.
  • Can be painted on and designed on with suitable paint.

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Weight 460 kg
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