Raincap – ICS 50

Raincap – ICS 50

This item is used to terminate an installation and helps prevent rainwater from entering the chimney system. The mesh helps to prevent birds from entering the chimney and nesting.

It is advised to use the raincap without mesh on solid fuel applications in order to avoid soot build up restricting the airway.

  • Provides rain cap for the flue system at termination.
  • Prevents nesting of birds.
  • For use on Gas, Oil, Wood & Multi-fuel applications
  • Continues operating temperatures of 450°C and short firing temperature of 550°C
  • 25mm High efficiency Superwool insulation.
  • Simple push fit connection
  • Corrosion resistant 316L Stainless Steel.


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ICS is a twin wall insulated chimney system for use on open and closed stoves, open fires, residential and small commercial multi fuel appliances, with continuous operating temperatures up to 450°C and short firing up to 550°C.

ICS is converted into ICS Plus by adding a lip seal to each component with a male form on the liner. This creates a twin wall insulated chimney system designed for the new generation of condensing gas and oil appliances, with continuous operating temperatures up to 200°C, short firing up to 250°C, and positive pressure up to 200pa at the appliance outlet.

For larger commercial and industrial applications of ICS in diameters 300mm to 700mm please refer to our separate sales brochure. For higher pressure applications up to 5000Pa e.g. generators, combustion and process equipment, please see the commercial brochure.

  • Simple push-fit jointing system, secured by locking band.
  • Advanced corrosion resistant design and construction uses laser welded 316L stainless steel inner liners and 304 stainless steel case. The only stainless steel system to have passed the internationally recognised GASTEC corrosion test.
  • The jointing system increases rigidity and ensures easy draindown of any condensate in the flue.
  • Capillary break prevents moisture being drawn through the joint.
  • Because of the sleeve joint, the insulation in the pipe is able to be continuous along the length of the system ensuring no hot spots.
  • The 25mm high efficiency Superwool blanket maintains flue gas temperature, maximising efficiency, improving flue draught on start up and minimising condensation.
  • Low external case temperature.
  • The assembly method allows the inner liner to expand and contract with temperature at the female end. The flue can withstand the temperatures of a soot fire without loosing the integrity of the joints.
  • Generous lead-in edges on liner and case for ease of jointing.