Resonance Silencer with Gasket – 35 db

Resonance Silencer with Gasket – 35 db

ICS 5000 is a multi-functional twin wall insulated venting system, which is suitable for internal and external use on a wide range of engineering, combustion and process equipment, including heating appliances, diesel generators, CHP systems and service ducting.

ICS 5000 comes with a high quality specification as standard with a 316L Grade Stainless steel liner, high performance mineral blanket insulation and a bright annealed 304 Grade stainless steel outer case.

The thermal insulation blanket ensures continuous insulation over the entire effective length of the liner, ensuring fast priming to normal operating temperatures, whilst maintaining low external surface temperatures.

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Ø 100 130 150 180 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 600
L 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200 2400 2600 2800 3000 3200 3400 3600
A 550 650 750 800 850 1000 1000 1100 1200 1300 1350 1550
Kg 95 118 142 155 167 221 236 282 333 387 425 529


Performance chart is an average measurement over all diameters.
The insertion loss is measured according to ISO 7235: 2003
The insertion loss can deviate due to temperature or special installation situations.
Back pressure is approx. 300 Pa at 15m/s or 2300 Pa at 50 m/s
Back pressure can vary with temperature and gas velocity, please contact Schiedel Technical Dept for advice.

Brackets (installation direction to be specified on order)
Radial / axial inlet
Radial / axial outlet
(certified) spark arrestor

condensate drain
lifting eyes

Schiedel is the first European chimney manufacturer to have performed the tests according to this latest fire resistance standard for chimneys. European standard BS EN 1366-13:2019 “Fire resistance tests for service installations, Part 13: Chimneys” and has reached EI 120 classification for our Double Wall Insulated System Chimney ICS in
a closed scenario (type A) for both vertical and horizontal set-ups.

ICS 5000 is tested and approved in both 25mm and 50mm variants to BS EN 1856-1 as a System Chimney and to BS EN 1856-2 as a connecting flue pipe with the following designations

System Chimney BS EN 1856-1 (TÜV 0036 CPR 9195 027)

ICS25 5000
T600 H1 D V3 L50050 O75* T200 H1 W V2 L50050 O50**

*Distance to Combustibles
*Ø80-Ø300 distance – 75mm
*Ø350-Ø450 distance – 112.5mm
*Ø500- Ø600 distance – 150mm
**Ø80-Ø200 distance – 50mm

ICS50 5000
T600 H1 D V3 L50050 O25*

*Distance to Combustibles

*Ø80-Ø300 distance – 25mm
*Ø350-Ø450 distance – 37.5mm
*Ø500- Ø600 distance – 50mm

Connecting Flue Pipe BS EN 1856-2 (TÜV 0036 CPR 9195 038)
T600 H1 D V3 L50050 O100 M

Connecting Flue Pipe BS EN 1856-2 (TÜV 0036 CPR 9195 036)
T600 H1 D V3 L50050 O100 M

EI 120 Fire rating to BS EN 1366-13 Chimneys
ICS25 5000 and ICS50 5000: Horizontal and Vertical

Corrosion testing on Gas, Oil, Solid Fuel (TÜV 0036 CPR 9195 027)
Gastec, MPA,TÜV