Roll Top Pots (IE version)

Roll Top Pots (IE version)

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Terracotta Chimney Pots are for terminating a chimney. Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13502-2002.

Features and Benefits

Freeze/ Thaw Resistant → Aesthetically pleasing

Terracotta or Buff → Can fit a topguard easily

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Ceramic has a number of advantages.

The ceramic range of liners and accessories are a cost effective way of safely adding a chimney into an building development, or adding a chimney to an existing renovation.

Resistant to Thermal Shock – The liners are extremely durable and have been tested for resistance to soot fire as well as to condensate, and meet the latest CE standards and Construction Products Regulations (CPR).

Lightweight Due to advanced manufacturing techniques, we have been able to reduce the wall thickness of the liner to produce the optimal lightweight but extremely robust product.

Smooth Inner Wall – The smooth inner liner allows gas, the product of combustion to freely exit the chimney. Straight lines ensure a consistent fill of insulation.

  • BIM object – Ceramic 200mm liner with an external brick chimney

  • BIM object – Ceramic chimney system for an internal house

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