Roof support – Permeter Smooth

Roof support – Permeter Smooth

This product is part of Schiedel’s accessory range which can be used on a variety of systems. Please consult with our customer service team for advice on it’s suitability.

Schiedel have a range of chimney and flue components suitable for all types of appliances, from wood stoves to CHP system and gas boiler system to data centre generators, and more.

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Specification Data
Diameter (internal) 130-200
Diameter (external) 180-250
Wall thickness (internal) 0.5mm
Insulation thickness per diameter 25mm
Weight per diameter (kg/m) 5.8 kg /m – 8.4 kg/m
Outer case thickness 0.6mm
Flue gas temp (dry) 450°C
Inner liner material: high grade stainless steel liner 444 : 1.4521
Outer case material: Painted black (RAL 9005)
Insulation type: Superwool blanket
Thermal expansion 18mm
Max. length free standing: 2.0 m above the last support
Max. support spacing 3.0 m
Average thermal resistance (200°C) 0.37m2 k/W


Chimneys are subject to significant corrosion attack by flue gas condensates, particularly from solid fuel. Permeter Smooth is specifically designed and manufactured to resist this corrosion.


The chimney size should be as recommended by the appliance manufacturer. Where there is a requirement for a flue diameter smaller than the appliance spigot, then the operational requirements of the appliance and the configuration of the flue must satisfy the flue sizing requirements of EN13384-1 for single appliances, and EN13384-2 for multi appliances.

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Permeter Smooth is CE Certified to EN 1856-1:2009 with designations:

  • T450 N1 D V2 L99050 G60 – System chimney (Ø130 & 150mm)
  • T450 N1 D V2 L99050 G75 – System chimney (Ø180 & 200mm)

Warranty is 10 years,

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