Ceramic chimney package – for stove in recess

Ceramic chimney package – for stove in recess

From £962.76 ex. VAT

This is a bundle package designed for a two storey building with a stove in a recess.

  • One of the safest and cost effective ways to add a flue to a home build project.
  • Suitable for all fuels – gas, oil, solid fuels and biomass fuels.
  • Wide range of accessories to suit numerous installations.
  • Suitable for high temperature and low temperature applications.
  • Full compliance to the latest CE standards and Construction Products Regulations (CPR).
  • Continuous straight flue liners ensure a consistency in backfill insulation.
  • Cleaning and Inspection liners as standard products
£64.57 ex. VAT
1500 x 140 Hi Spec Supp lintel 140 High
£136.26 ex. VAT
600 x 100 x 65mm Support Lintel
£9.19 ex. VAT
£47.19 ex. VAT
150mm I/d 310mm square
£51.11 ex. VAT
£9.02 ex. VAT
£6.48 ex. VAT
£20.20 ex. VAT
£90.04 ex. VAT
£7.13 ex. VAT
£78.76 ex. VAT

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A useful app with guides on installation as well as step-by-step video guides.

This app was designed for installers to have all the information they require in a few quick clicks. This makes it easier for installers rather than having to carry paperwork during the installation process with video breakdowns of each stage of the installation process.

Download the iPhone and iPad version in the App Store and Android version in the Google Play Store.

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Schiedel Ceramic Liners are CE Certified to EN 1457-1 & 2 TÜV 0780 CPD 131086 with the following designations:

High Temperature Applications
EN 1457-1
A1 N1 (T600 N1 G) EN 13063-1
T400 N1 D 3 G40 Ø160mm T400 N1 D 3 G50 Ø200mm

Low Temperature Applications 
EN 1457-2
B4 N1 (T400 N1 WC O)
D4 N1 (T200 N1 WC O)*
EN 10363-2
T400 N1 W 2 O50
T200 N1 W 2 O00

High Temperature Applications – For Room Sealed appliances
EN 13063-3
T400 N1 D3 G40 Ø160mm T400 N1 D3 G50 Ø200mm

* When used on T200 rated low temperature systems, the liner system should be straight and fully ventilated.