Wood burning stove – Model 1

Wood burning stove – Model 1

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The Schiedel wood burning stove is one of our newest models and comes complete with a flue system suitable for your home.

The stove achieves up to 81% efficiency and therefore emits more heat with less wood than many other wood-burning stoves on the market. Some of the benefits of choosing this model include:

  • Heat sustainably and CO2-neutrally with local firewood, independent of international electricity, gas and oil suppliers.
  • Thanks to high-quality manufacturing and optimal combustion chamber construction, the Sargas woodburning stove offers high energy efficiency: Class A+ environmentally friendly combustion tested according to DIN EN 13240
  • Simple, air-cooled door handle and self closing door
  • Simple operation with one lever for both primary and secondary combustion air
  • Adjustable legs for uneven floors

With a innovative construction and the possibility of combustion air straight to the top (using the Schiedel Permeter flue system), this stove fits perfectly in new and existing homes with lower heating needs. With a high efficiency rating, the lowest possible emissions, Schiedel wood-burning stoves are future proof and will last for many years to come.

As everyone is aware, the interest in solid fuel appliances has increased rapidly due to the soaring cost of gas and electricity. A lot of people are trying to move away from reliance on the energy grid, and wood burning stoves are one of the best ways to do this. 


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The Sargas is DEFRA exempt so it can be installed and used in Smoke Control Areas in the United Kingdom, when operated in accordance with the instruction and installation manuals and when any conditions are met.

Both Sargas models have achieved the clearSkies certification, which means that they exceed the minimum performance level for Ecodesign Regulations.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions L 417 x W 502 x H 1133.7 mm
SKU 168870
SARGAS 1 (EN 13240)
Rear: 70 mm
Sides: 100 mm
Floor: 0 mm
Distance from glass front: 1200 mm
Distance from superimposed hearth 225mm

SARGAS 3 (EN 13240)
Rear: 50 mm
Sides: 400 mm
Floor: 0 mm
Distance from glass front: 1200 mm
Distance from superimposed hearth 225mm






Stove name: Sargas 1 and Sargas 3
Standard: EN 13240 RRF – 40 17 4674
Rated output: 6.2 kW
Efficiency: 81 %
Emissions: CO2 (at 13% O2) 1125 mg/m3
Emissions: dust 6 mg/m3
Flue gas temperature: 327 °C
Negative pressure in the chimney: 12 Pa
Weight (depends on the stove type) approx.100 kg
Stove dimensions W x D x H 526 mm x 417 mm x 1133,7 mm
Minimum distance
from combustible materials
Model 1 front 1200 mm / sides 100 mm and back 70 mm
Model 3 front 1200 mm / sides 400 mm and back 50 mm
Allowed fuel consumption 2 kg/h