Sirius 3.1 stove & Permeter package, house

Sirius 3.1 stove & Permeter package, house

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Energy Efficient Design | Wood Burning Stove. Schiedel offers a unique all-in-one system: a perfect union of wood stove & chimney, which is an ideal package if you are a self-builder or renovating your home. The Sirius 3.1 Log Burning Stove is a contemporary model that has a large front window and door and additional side windows for an impressive 180-degree view.

The Sirius stove achieves up to 82 % energy efficiency, delivering more heat with less wood, and is far more likely to heat larger rooms more efficiently than traditional radiators. The Sirius stove package perfectly combines the Schiedel Permeter chimney system, which allows air-tight installation, with the energy-efficient, stylish and space-saving wood stoves.


  • Highly efficient up to 82%! More heat, less wood
  • Highest European and National Standards – EN 13 240, DIN+, 1.BImSchV2, DiBt, 15a B-VG, NS 3058/3059
  • Easy to operate with a self-closing door and interlock system for igniting or cleaning purposes
  • 3 Windows for 180° view in the 3 model
  • Eco-friendly corpus paint resulting in environmentally friendly low smoke and low-emission colour
  • Adjustable legs to adapt to uneven surfaces


  • Combustion air independent from the installation room, provided through the Permeter Smooth Air Chimney from the top, allows flexible placement
  • Due to the system solution, no separate air channel adaptor/ bypass is necessary.


  • Ceiling Box and Protect Box options for complete safety in timber-framed buildings.
  • Exceptional small distances to combustibles
Concentric Connector
Concentric Connector
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Inspection Pipe
Inspection Pipe
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955 pipe
955 pipe
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Round Ventilated Fire Stop
Round Ventilated Fire Stop
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Square Support Ventilated
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cover plates steel roof supp
Roof Bracket
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Storm Collar
Storm Collar
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500 pipe
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Details SIRIUS 1.1 SIRIUS 3.1
Width 522mm 522mm
Height 1208mm 1208 mm
Depth 382mm 382 mm
Output 6 kW 6 kW
Efficiency 80.8% 82%
Energy efficiency A+ A+
Weight 133 kg 130 kg
Air independent


EN 13 240
DIN+, BImSchV 2, CE
15a B-VG
NS 3058 / 3059

DEFRA exempt
In addition to meeting the requirements of Ecodesign for efficiency and emissions, all clearSkies certified appliances at Level 3 or above will also have been verified by the scheme administrator as meeting the requirements for Defra exemption.

Therefore you can be assured that our Sirius 1 and Sirius 3 models exceed the minimum requirements and are future proofed as well as approved on the Defra website to be installed in Smoke Control Areas

The Permeter Smooth Air Chimney System provided with the Sirius stove is a steel chimney with air supply offers great flexibility and flexible placement.

All Sirius models are approved by the highest European standards for air independent use. This allows the combined usage with ventilation systems in modern buildings and guarantees a healthy indoor environment.

Schiedel Permeter Smooth Air chimney is constructed with a separate inlet-duct ensuring that the stove is supplied with the optimal amount of combustion air from the top of the pipe. The double insulated pipes avoid condensation.

Product description
Product description Modular, concentric flue system for oper- ation with room sealed Wood appliances with continuous operating temperature up to 600 °C.
Installation Inside a building
Fuel Wood
Operating temperature ≤ 600 °C
Mode of operation – negative pressure (N1 ≤ 40 Pa)
– dry
Inner pipe material EN 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
Outer case material – galvanized steel, powder painted
– 1.4301 (304) stainless steel
Outer case finish – black (RAL 9005)
Insulation type PMSA 25: 25 mm thick mineral wool tube, with aluminium lamination.
Insulation density 128 kg/m3
Thermal resistance PMSA 25 = 0,37 m2K/W
Mean roughness 1,0 mm according to EN 13384-1
Height above last structural support Max free standing height is 2m.
Where height is >600mm above the last structural support, a locking band is re- quired immediately below the roof support and on any pipe joints above it.
Distance between lateral supports 3,0 m


CE Certificate number EN 1856-1: CE Designation EN 1856-1:
0036 – CPR – 91236 – 034 T400 N1 D V3 L50050 G75
With Ceiling Box and Protect Box with in Bungalow
0036 – CPR – 91236 – 034 T400 N1 D V3 L50050 G100
With Ventilated Firestop Plate in a combustible shaft with combus- tible floors


Internal diameter: 150 mm
External diameter: 250 mm
Inner liner thickness: 0,6 mm
Outer wall thickness: 0,6 mm
Weight: 7,7 kg/m