Vantage Wall sleeves and cover bands

Vantage Wall sleeves and cover bands

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165623 PIPE_CUT45 125/45/0.5/304/BA/EX 7.73
165624 PIPE_CUT45 125/45/0.5/304/BLACK/EX 8.89
165625 PIPE_CUT45 150/45/0.5/304/BA/EX 8.59
165626 PIPE_CUT45 150/45/0.5/304/BLACK/EX 10.73
165627 PIPE_CUT45 175/45/0.5/304/BA/EX 9.21
165628 PIPE_CUT45 175/45/0.5/304/BLACK/EX 11.51
165629 PIPE_CUT45 200/45/0.5/304/BA/EX 9.82
165630 PIPE_CUT45 200/45/0.5/304/BLACK/EX 12.28
165377 ROSETTE_45D /125/____/0.5/304/BA/EX 12.29
165378 ROSETTE_45D /125/____/0.5/304/BLACK/EX 15.37
165379 ROSETTE_45D 150/____/0.5/304/BA/EX 13.28
165380 ROSETTE_45D 150/____/0.5/304/BLACK/EX 16.60
165381 ROSETTE_45D /175/____/0.5/304/BA/EX 14.26
165382 ROSETTE_45D /175/____/0.5/304/BLACK/EX 17.83
165383 ROSETTE_45D 200/____/0.5/304/BA/EX 15.25
165384 ROSETTE_45D 200/____/0.5/304/BLACK/EX 19.05

Vantage is a quality twin wall chimney system with a quick lock jointing system. It is used for wood burning or for solid fuel stoves.

With a quick lock jointing system. The components have a twin wall construction with a male spigot and a female socket to provide simple and rapid installation.

With its fully sealed components, Vantage can be installed both internally and externally. Vantage is supplied with a ten year conditional warranty.

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  • Gas-fired stoves
  • Wood-fired stoves
  • Approved solid fuels
  • Oil-fired appliances

Key features

  • 10 year warranty
  • Suitable for internal and external applications Distance to combustibles 60mm (50mm in free air)
  • Also available in black powder coated finish
  • Easy to install Twist-lock system Weatherproof, fully sealed components High density, mineral wool insulation Made from high grade stainless steel
  • 316L stainless steel inner wall for the highest corrosion resistance
  • 304 stainless steel outer wall in an attractive, polished finish
Technical characteristics
Application Chimney/Flue system
Operating mode Dry
Pressure Negative pressure
Operating Temperature 450 oC / 600 oC
Thermal Shock 1000 oC [max 30 min]
Inner Wall material AISI 316L/EN 1.4404
thickness 0.5 mm
Outer wall material AISI 304 BA/EN 1.4301
thickness 0.5 mm
Insulation type Mineral wool
thickness 25 mm
Fuel Type Wood/Gas/Oil/Approved Solid Fuels
ID mm 125(5”)  150(6”)  175(7”)  200(8”)
OD mm 175 200 230 250
Cross section cm2 123 177 241 314
Weight ±kg/m 5.5 6.5 7.5 8.0
Chimney diameter
The chimney size should be as recommended by the appliance manufacturer. Where there is a requirement for a flue diameter smaller than the appliance spigot, then the operational requirements of the appliance and the configuration of the flue must satisfy the flue sizing requirements of EN13384—1 for single appliances.
CE approved
EN1856: T450 N1 D V3 L50050 G50 [in free air]
EN1856: T450 N1 D V3 L50050 G60 [in a combustible shaft with ventilated fire stops]
EN1856: T600 N1 D V3 L50050 G100 [in a combustible shaft with ventilated fire stops]