Casa TTYA reveals our Garden Fireplace 500 model!

Irene Agbontaen has integrated our Garden Fireplace 500 model into her renovation project!

We are delighted to announce that Irene Agbontaen has revealed our 500 Model.

Irene is a London- based fashion designer, famous for being the founder of the TTYA London label, she has collaborated with renowned companies such as Louis Vuitton, Apple, Nike, Universal Music, and YouTube Music. Her work has been featured in various publications including I-D, Vogue, ELLE, and Sunday Times Style. In addition to her fashion label, Irene has also expanded into the lifestyle space with TTYA Talks, a podcast series, and cultural programming for brands and events. We were delighted when Irene expressed an interest in our Garden Fireplace. 

Made from volcanic pumice sourced from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland, Irene was particularly interested in creating a central vocal point to build her garden around as she continues to renovate her 1930’s end of terrace home.

Irene opted for our 500 model Outdoor Garden Fireplace with additional log storage units to create this fabulous outdoor space.  

We absolutely love Irene’s renovation so far and cannot wait to see the finished result and especially the garden and the way it is focused around our product!

Our garden fireplaces are completely customisable too. You can build onto the existing fireplace and chimney, add stencil, change the colour, add cladding, add lights and much more! 

Our fireplaces come in three models, guaranteed to suit gardens of any size!

Follow Irene’s renovation journey!


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